We Become an Extension of Your Business.

OmniCall is your team of professional and courteous virtual receptionists here to help your business grow. We can perform the same tasks as your in-house receptionist but virtually, so you don’t deal with the hassle of paperwork, human resources, or taxes.

How Can We Help You?

Full Time Receptionist

Our friendly receptionists are always here for you. We’re never sick, late, or on a break.

As Needed

Answer calls when you’re available, or simply forward your lines to us when you’re not.


With call-forwarding technology, you never have to worry about those busy peaks of the day- we’ll catch those overflow calls.

67% of callers will hang up the phone if it’s not answered by a live person. Stop losing important calls.

Let us take care of your calls while you take care of your business. We’ll represent you well.

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